What is “Your Site on Google” tool and how to make use of it

When you search in Google you might have noticed a new widget named “Your Site on Google” on the search result. It shows some analytics data based on the search query. This is the latest SEO tool from Google which helps you to analyse and improve your website search rankings.

How to get the “Your Site on Google” tool

This will be available only when you search in Google after you signed in. The gmail id with which you have signed in should be the account used for creating the Search Console for your website.

But not every search query will fetch you this tool. Only the queries that will show up your website in search results will fetch this tool.

What data is this tool showing ?

Your site on Google tool
This tool shows three data: Clicks, Impressions and Average Position for a particular query in Google search

1)Clicks: shows how many clicks has been received to your site in last 7 days in Google & the percentage comparison with previous 7 days

If the percentage is positive, it will be shown in green color and if it is negative it will be shown in red color.

2)Impressions: shows the number of impressions received for our site in Google for the specific keyword & the percentage comparison with previous 7 days

3)Average Position: shows the average position of your website in the search results for a specific keyword given.

How to make use of this tool

You can use this tool to track the keyword position in Google search.

If you click on the “See ways to improve” button it will expand to give two options:

Google Tool

1) Compare this query to your overall site performance
If you click on this option, you will be redirected to the Google Search Console performance page. Here you could find out the list of all the top search queries that showed your website and its average position. Now you can analyse it and make plans to improve your top priority keywords

search console


2) Find out how to use this information to make changes to your site so that you can increase your chances to show up for the queries that you care about the most.
This page will give you tips on to help people find your site on Google.

Help find your site

Benefits of this tool

This Google widget will reduce the dependency on paid SEO tools that will help to track your keywords position.

Limitation of this tool

Although, this widget shows your main keywords, this will not be showing for all the keywords that has impressions. We are not sure on what criteria Google picks up the keywords for which this data is showing.

Hope Google will come up with more of this kind of tools to help improve the organic traffic of websites.

Have you noticed any other use with this tool? If yes, point out in the comments section and we will include it in the main post.

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