How to get WhatsApp Malayalam Stickers – Tutorial

As WhatsApp has introduced stickers, now chatting with stickers is the new fun in WhatsApp groups. There are already few sticker packs available by default in WhatsApp.

But you may be getting many Malayalam stickers and other regional language stickers which are funny dialogues, film stars pics etc, which are not available in WhatsApp by default.

Let us see how to get it in 3 easy step. (In the below tutorial, screen shots are taken from an Android device, but you can use the same steps from your iOS phone also.

Step 1
Go to play store and search for “Malayalam Stickers”. Now you will get a list of app stickers app and you can download any one of them.

WhatsApp stickers in android

But we suggest to download the app with name: “Sticker Malayalam” with the below shown logo. (We have tried several sticker apps and this is one of the best)

WhatsApp Malaylam Sticker app

Step 2
Open the “Malayalam Stickers app from your phone. In the app you can see different sets of Stickers like Dialogues, Faces, Greetings etc.

Click on any one sticker sets to see the full list of stickers inside that set.

Now select the sticker sets that you wanted and click on the “+” sign on right side of the required set to use it in WhatsApp.

Download malayalam sticker pack


Step 3

Open WhatsApp and go to Stickers menu. Now you will see new set of stickers which you have added just now.

Sticker in whatsapp

Malayalam Faces Sticker

Like this you can download and add any number of new and funny stickers from in WhatsApp.

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