Best Lightweight Key Chains for Cars

Our car keys wont look perfect without a key chain. But for a car’s key chain it is very important to make sure that the key chain is lightweight as suggested by many car care experts. If the key chain is heavy it can damage the key holder parts in the long run.

So here is a list of best lightweight key chains for cars. But what if the key chain are stylish and useful too? Scroll down to see the top picks.

1) RESQME – Key chain with car escape tools

RESQME keychain

RESQME is an innovative key chain with two car escape tools integrated within it. This small sized key chain has got a car seat belt cutter and window glass breaker, which does the purpose very easily within seconds.

This powerful yet lightweight key chain weighs only 0.32 ounces and is made in the US. RESQME key-chain comes in wide range of colors including black, red, blue, yellow, green and pink. This keychain will be extremely useful and life saving in case of emergency situations where we get jammed ourselves inside the car when if door lock stops functioning or when the seat belt buckles gets jammed. The materials used in this key chain are ABS plastic and stainless steel.

According to RESQME company, this key chain is being used by more than 4 million motorists worldwide. Also this company has won several awards.

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2) Key chain with foldable mini sized magnifier

Foldable Key chain

This is a cool looking light weight key chain with a simple and stylish appearance. It has got a magnifier which can be scrolled in when not in use. The keychain is made of metal and glass magnifier.

This key chain is extremely handy in case of reading very small readings on the product cover like ingredients of chocolates etc. In a supermarket. Also this is very useful for old aged people for reading small writing without the specs.

This product is manufactured by a US brand called COSTIN and they offer after sales support for their products.

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3) Buck Light – Stylish key chains with powerful LED lights

LED Keychain

Buck Light’s lightweight and compact key chain comes in 5 colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Black. This has got an ultra bright LED bulb which lasts for over 100,000 hours.

The key chain weighs only 2.4 ounces and it comes with battery.

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4) Personal alarm security key chain with flash light and siren

Alarm Keychain

Protect yourself from any dangerous situations like robbery, theft etc. With the help of this key chain. The personal alarm is a tiny and convenient key chain which will be perfect for you car’s key.

This device is capable of producing loud alarm noise with 130DB sound which will help to stop attackers from the dangerous situations. It also comes with an LED light which will be useful in the dark.

This personal alarm security key chain will be a perfect gift for the women, teen girls or night workers.

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5) Car model key chain with 2 mode LED light

Car keychain

Luxurious looking car model key chain which comes in Grey color weighs only 1.6 ounces. This key chain is manufactured by Jobon which is a leading manufacturer in the keychain market.
Coming to features, the LED light has 2 modes:
– On pressing the button once, LED bright light will be switched on and
– On double pressing the button, LED light will work as a strobe

‘No Risk Buying Guarantee’ is offered by the seller on this key chain, so if you doesn’t like this product for any reason, the seller will provide return or refund option in 24 hours and no questions will be asked.

It works with a battery which is included within the product. If the battery dies, you can easily replace it just like replacing battery in a normal watch.

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These key chain are handpicked list which are best suited for a car’s key. Also these are perfect products as a gift option. If you have any other key chain suggestion exclusively suited for car keys, submit the details in the comments section below.

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