Best Hosting Solution for Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

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There are many good hosting providers which offers more than 99% uptime, lot of storage spaces unlimited bandwidth etc. But we suggest Namecheap hosting as the best option when planning to migrate your website from Blogger hosting to WordPress hosting website.

Namecheap is one of the cheapest hosting solution providers with all the basic features required. As you might know Namecheap was a company founded 18 years ago and has won many awards for its good service.

Here I will list down our preferred Namecheap hosting plans and its features.

Most of us migrate from Blogger hosting to WordPress when our website starts to receive a moderate to good amount of traffic or when we need to further develop and optimize our website with the almost unlimited features and plugins available with WordPress.

So in such cases we prefer to choose the Shared Hosting Plan rather than dedicated hosting.

The advantage of shared hosting is that its cheaper, has all the basic required featured and most of the cases it offers more than 99% uptime.

Among the Namecheap shared hosting, there are three type of plans for users to choose. The three plans are

  1. Stellar
  2. Stellar Plus
  3. Stellar Business

Comparing these three shared hosting plans, we choose the the ‘Stellar’ plan which is a great and affordable solution for the bloggers.

Below given is a detailed comparison between Stellar and Stellar Plus plans and the reasons why we choose the former one. Not including the third plan ‘Stellar Business’ in the comparison as it is a premium costly plan which is a solution intended for business websites with large amount of traffic.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Plans

Comparison between ‘Stellar’ and ‘Stellar Plus’ plans

There are only 3 main differences between the above two plans. That is in the cost, Disk Space and no. of websites that can be hosted. The rest of all features are almost same for both the plans including bandwidth, backups, uptime, cPanel etc.

-Disk Space:- Disk space is one of the only main limitation of the Stellar plan when comparing the Stellar plus plan as the former one consist of only 20 GB of SSD Accelerated disk space and the stellar plus plan has an unlimited disk space. But if we consider a blogger migrating from blogger hosting to WordPress, in most of the cases 20 GB disk space is more than enough unless the website article contains lot of videos or it has more than 500 sizeable articles where a stellar plus plan is required.

-Number of Hosted Domains: With the stellar plan a maximum of 3 websites can be hosted and with stellar plus plan unlimited websites can be hosted. When considering the purpose, the stellar plan is enough for migrating the website to hosting until and unless we have more than 3 blogger website needs to be migrated.

Also for most of the other hosting providers the basic plan allows only 1 website to get hosted, where 3 websites with Namecheap basic plan is an added advantage.

The disk space and no. of domains that can be hosted is not a major concern while choosing a hosting provider during first migration, because, during yearly subscription renewal period or at any time, we can upgrade to the next higher grade plans or to a premium plan or even can migrate to any other hosting providers.

-Pricing: Pricing is the biggest advantage of Stellar plan as it is very affordable when comparing the other plans. Usually Namecheap websites offers plans in a discounted price and the price depends on the available offer at the time of purchase. At the time of writing this blog, Namecheap offers a 28% discount for the Stellar plan and a 20% discount for the Stellar plus plan for the first year.

The price of Stellar plan after 28% discount is only $25.01 for one year (1745.59 INR) and the price of Stellar Plus plan after 20% discount is $47.13 for one year (3289.11 INR).

Why to choose Namecheap shared hosting over other hosting providers

Namecheap uses the latest Dell server technology in which they guarantees 100% uptime and offers upto 50 free SSL certificates for one year. Also they have a very user friendly c-panel and a 24/7 Live chat support.

Apart from these their shared hosting package includes other features such as:

  1. Two backups per week. So you don’t have to worry about the content loss. We can request them the backup data whenever required.
  2. 30 subdomains can be created with Stellar plan and unlimited subdomains can be created with the Stellar Plus plan.
  3. A free website builder in which we can create website with its drag and drop feature which does not require any coding knowledge.
  4. 100+ apps with one click install.
  5. They have a 30 days money back guarantee for the first time accounts.
  6. With the Stellar plan 30 free email accounts can be created and with the Stellar Plus plan unlimited email accounts can be created.

The above given are the main few features of the shared hosting plans.

Namecheap’s Easy to Use Website Builder

The website builder feature has a very simple and easy to use interface. There are options to add text, pictures, gallery, integrate google maps, forms, buttons, shapes, e-commerce, menu bar etc by just drag and drop. If we require to modify how our website should display in each different devices, say tablet, mobile, desktop etc, we can choose each device mode and edit it separately. This builder currently supports 45 languages.

The website builder also has a built in Search engine Optimization (SEO) tool which allow us to add all the required META tags including title, description, keywords etc to all pages and images. For monetization, there are options to integrate Adsense and other HTML snippets.

Namecheap website builder
Namecheap Website Builder
Free support for migrating to Namecheap

Namecheap’s technical team does the migration process free of cost. The only thing we need to do is to give them our hosting accounts access and they will do the rest of the processes and they guarantee that the website will be migrated within 24 hours with no more than 15 minutes of downtime.

But currently they do not provide the migration process for the blogger hosted websites. Even though they do not provide the service, a detailed tutorial is provided by Namecheap on how to migrate websites from blogger to Namecheap without losing any traffic. You can view their official tutorial by clicking this link. This is an easy to follow procedure with clear screenshots for each steps. The migration can be easily done by even a non technical person by following their tutorial.

  • Pricing
  • 3 websites can be hosted with the basic Stellar plan
  • Free hosting migration support
  • Quick responsive 24×7 chat support
Few limited Cons of Namecheap

They do not provide telephone support to customers, but have a 24×7 live chat support. This can be a drawback if we need to speak to some technical persons in case of any urgent situations. Also their money back period is only for 30 days where some other providers offer a 45 days money back period.

But considering all other cons including cheap price compared to other providers and the feature rich package they offers, we always prefer Namecheap shared hosting plans when planning to migrate from Blogger to WordPress or when looking for a simple, affordable and user friendly hosting providers for building a new website or blog.

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Get up to 50% off 1st yr Shared Hosting at Namecheap

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