AdFireFly | Think Digital – Is it legit or scam !

From the past few months some users are getting mail & even call from a company called “AdFireFly | Think Digital”…

Adfirefly scam

Below give is the mail format that you will be getting

We are interested in providing some sponsored ads on your page which can be shown on right side of your page.Sponsored ads are part of Facebook monetization which are targeted ads and will only appear to person who are under target, ads will not show on page 24/7 after posting them it will only appear to targeted audience and also depend on Facebook to whom and when they will show ads on side of your page.Our ads do not required any clicks or selling on them its pure advertising of our sponsors.
We can pay you $75 To $200 per ad for 24 hours and you can post two ads per day on your page for the first month we can pay you ad by ad payments means you will get paid every day for the ads you will post on that day and from next month we will pay you weekly payments.
For posting ads you need to first apply for sponsored ads from Facebook, I will walk you through and we can post 1 or 2 ads just to get a feel of it. I will send you ads via email and i will guide you how to post them on the side of the page.

This company seems to be mainly targeting users with Facebook pages having a large followers or fan base.

Do you have any experience in dealing with them. Are they legit or scam ?

Share your experience in the comments section.

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